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School Request Timeline
2022-2023 School Year
Nov. 20
Virtual school enrollment fair
Find out everything you need to know about MPS schools
Nov. 29 - Jan. 31
School Open Houses
Visit schools through virtual and in-person open houses
Feb. 7
Due Date: 1st Lottery
Due date to be included in the first school request lottery
Early March
Watch for notification
School placement letters mailed
April 4
Due Date: 2nd Lottery
Due date to be included in the second school request lottery
April 1
Due Date: Early K admission
Kindergarten Early Admission due date
April - May
Register with your school
Parents register with their new school by filling out forms
Bus stop postcards mailed
Families receive their bus stop information as a postcard through the mail
Aug. - Sept.
School Open Houses
Attend your school open house to meet staff, students and other families
Sept. 7 & 9
First day(s) of school
Grades 1–12: Sept. 7 and PreK–K: Sept. 9
Looking to Enroll in this school year (2021 - 2022)?
3 Steps to finding a school that's made for you.
Find out more about MPS schools and student supports and the range of tools available to families to explore your school options to find the best school for your child.
Request a school: Now that you’ve found the best school option(s) for your child, it’s time to request the school.
Now that your child has been placed in a school, you need to finish the registration process with your school. Welcome to MPS!
Virtual School Request Kick-Off Event
Join us for this pre-recorded program to find out more about MPS’ great PreK-12 school programs for Fall 2022.
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Explore Guide
Learn more about the ways MPS can help your child prepare for whatever's next. Explore Community Schools that reflect your neighborhood, centrally located magnet schools with innovated curriculum and world-class services that support a well-rounded education.
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MPS Schools
At MPS, we work every day to provide our students an inclusive education, a supportive community, and lifelong learning. We are a community of MPS changemakers building a runway for the future now.